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Reviews for Rags

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Rag Manifesto offers an introduction and a call to arms for rethinking the way we view and use textiles, particularly textile waste. ​It encourages us to see rag as a precious material with meaning and potential, rather than as waste. The manifesto promotes the idea of transforming and repurposing textiles, and highlights the importance of creativity, community, and sustainability in this process. Now we’ve had some early reviews for Rags.

Thanks to Crafts Magazine, Alice Ellerby at Juno Magazine and Sarah French from Cumbria Life. Rachael grew up in Cumbria and the landscape shaped her early years until she left to go to art college in London. Much Ado about Books in Afriston put it in their newsletter. ‘Earnest? Maybe, but also fun, funny and charming’.   Read more

 “I want to instigate a change in the way we see our wasted textile landscape.”

Rachael Matthews

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