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Subjects include sustainable crafts and making for wellbeing and personal resilience.

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Quickthorn publishes books with an emphasis on making, and personal agency. We are constantly being pressured to buy more, to waste more and to spend more, putting increasing strain on our resources, our planet and our pockets. Making empowers us to be more self-sufficient and take control over the way we consume.

Making something with your own hands is a reflective process, it encourages you to slow down when the pace of life feels too fast, to be patient and to learn that good things don’t happen immediately. There is a huge joy in making, to create something that is unique, tangible evidence of your time and labour.

Norwegian Sweater from Annemor Sundbø’s rag pile, mended by Celia Pym, 2009. Photo: Michele Panzeri

Mindful of our impact on the environment, we have been researching new ways to reduce our environmental impact, using local suppliers and printers where possible, sourcing recyclable packaging and recently using a cellulose lamination process for book finishing that is fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Last year we were awarded Plastic Free Champion status by the local team from Surfers against Sewage for our environmentally friendly office practices.

Blog posts

  • Talking about grief
    We’re not often comfortable talking about death and grief, so we’re delighted that ‘When Words are Not Enough’ is part of Stroud Book Festival that this year includes luminaries such as Ali Smith and Ian McEwan. Authors Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds will be talking about their experience of bereavement and how they responded to it with foreword writer, Dr Kathryn Mannix, bestselling author of ‘Listen’ and ‘With the End in Mind’. When Words are Not Enough will be launching as part of the Good Grief Festival, with an online event 28 Oct, 6.30pm. The Good Grief Festival is a virtual […]
  • On Mending: a new book by artist Celia Pym
    The artist Celia Pym lives explores damage and repair in textiles. Working with garments that belong to individuals as well as items in museum archives, she is exposed to stories of damage, from moth holes to accidents with fire.  On Mending: Stories of damage and repair is a collection of ten stories of damaged garments – plus a rug and two backpacks, that Pym has mended in the last 15 years. These stories describe the ways in which clothes and cloth become holed, why a damaged sweater or backpack can be emotionally affecting and how mending a garment can unstick […]
  • When words are not enough
    Everyone grieves for someone at some point in their lives. But how do we deal with the silence that often surrounds grief?  How do we find ways to express painful feelings when words are not enough?  In this deeply personal and beautiful reflection on grief Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds draw on their own experience of loss, and how the death of their son Josh has led to a creative response that is more than word bound. It also tells the story of thirteen other bereaved people who have found a creative response to their grief.  The nature of grief Here’s author […]
  • Your personal life-survival kit
    The launch of the latest title from Prof. Judith Kleinman was at independent bookshop Ink84 in Islington. Attended by more people than we were expecting, we completely sold out of books! There were lots of musicians at the launch, including pop star Ella Eyre. The book has been endorsed by lots of fans, including Nick Hornby and Arabella Weir. I learned a lot from working with Judith Kleinman. She was able to locate in me a stillness and equilibrium I didn’t know I had, and that has stood me in good stead for all the vicissitudes of work and domestic […]
  • Make your own toothpaste
    Toothpaste tubes are made with up to seven layers of different plastics, plus aluminium and even where they can be recycled the process consumes high amounts of energy. Toothpaste is now available in glass jars that are more easily recycled or, even better, reused, but making your own is simple and you don’t need a degree in medicine. Talk to your dentist to find out what is and isn’t good for your teeth and the best approach for children who might benefit from a fluoride toothpaste every now and then. This is a refreshing and at the same time gentle […]
  • Small steps, big impact
    It seems obvious to that the climate emergency needs immediate, large scale action that will affect our way of life, one way or the other. Among some people there can be a sense of despondency that it is all the fault of big business and the scale of what we do doesn’t make a difference. The idea behind the Small Steps book is that if we all act together we can create real change and win back our sense of agency and experience the power we have as consumers and how we choose to consume. This in turn will pressure […]

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