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Craft is not a dirty word, an insightful piece about Intelligent Hands and an interview with Katy and Charlotte by Katie Jarvis in Cotswold Life.

Read the whole article here.

Charlotte and Katy wrote a piece about Intelligent Hands in Resurgence Magazine, January 2024, for their wellness edition. Featuring the recent work of Betsy Greer, the Godmother of Craftivism.

Read the article online here.

‘This is a beautiful and inspiring book’ Saffia Farr in Juno Magazine

Intelligent Hands: Why making is a skill for life, in Crafts magazine and Embroidery magazine this November.

On Mending by Celia Pym in Embroidery magazine, on Alyson Walsh’s blog, That’s Not my Age and at Toast in London.

Press for When Words are Not Enough by Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds

Finding Quiet Strength

Finding Quiet Strength is a portal into that state of consciousness that allows us to find presence, a unified field of attention that takes in ourselves and the world around us. So much of the time we are narrowed in our thinking, locked inside our own habitual perceptions, unable to change though we do our best to concentrate hard, try to get things right, please others and strive busily and ineffectively. We have forgotten the golden rule to stop, to raise our head to the sky, to allow our eyes to see and breathe in the beauty of the world around us that sustains us.

Penny O’Conner
Juno magazine
Press for Small Steps to Less Waste: Stories to Inspire
Small Steps author Claudi Williams in Cotswold Life, May/June 2021.
Small Steps to Less Waste gets a great review in Juno magazine.
‘This book is inspirational,’ says Editor Saffia Farr.
Small Steps to Less Waste in Stroud News and Journal

Press for Darning: Repair, Make, Mend

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