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Endorsements for Finding Quiet Strength

I learned a lot from working with Judith Kleinman. She was able to locate in me a stillness and equilibrium I didn’t know I had, and that has stood me in good stead for all the vicissitudes of work and domestic life. 
Nick Hornby – Author

I love Judith’s work. The drawings, words and thoughts are just lovely – their message is as calming as it is bursting with positive ideas. Easy to dip into yet rewarding to read, there are some great tools for life in this book. 
Arabella Weir – Actor, comedian and writer

Her natural facility and fluid figurative lines express movement in the body but also the feelings inside. Some drawings feature unusual and unexpected balancing acts absorbed by quiet strength. Sometimes funny and at times autobiographical but always positive with a message of well-being. Michelle Franklin – Artist

Finding Quiet Strength is a portal into that state of consciousness that allows us to find presence, a unified field of attention that takes in ourselves and the world around us. So much of the time we are narrowed in our thinking, locked inside our own habitual perceptions, unable to change though we do our best to concentrate hard, try to get things right, please others and strive busily and ineffectively. We have forgotten the golden rule to stop, to raise our head to the sky, to allow our eyes to see and breathe in the beauty of the world around us that sustains us.

Penny O’Conner
Juno magazine

Press for Small Steps to Less Waste: Stories to Inspire

Praise for Small Steps from Green Parent magazine
Small Steps author Claudi Williams in Cotswold Life, May/June 2021.
Small Steps to Less Waste gets a great review in Juno magazine.
‘This book is inspirational,’ says Editor Saffia Farr.
Small Steps to Less Waste in Stroud News and Journal
Claudi Williams in BEST magazine Oct 2021.
‘I used to feel overwhelmed by the problems of the world, but now I feel empowered. Small steps are key.’

Press for Darning: Repair, Make, Mend

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